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Who I Am

I am a Business and Systems Analyst with over 23 years experience in the Information Technology industry in software development, security, web design and development, as well as PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet setup and repair.

What I Do

I help you understand where your vulnerabilities are so that you can protect yourself, your identity, and your money. I partner with you in the creation or enhancement of your web presence and technology strategy. I help you implement the tools that make your business successful.



With the numerous security breaches in companies that have our private information, everyone must take steps to protect themselves and it is not always clear how to do that. One of my core values is finding ways of being of service to those around me and I can see that this is an area where there is a great need. I enjoy helping my clients mitigate the risk of having their identities stolen or experiencing other financial impacts, so they can feel safe being online.

And with so much technology at our fingertips, it takes time and energy to find, set up, and maintain the tools that support your business. I see a lot of spinning of wheels because it is difficult to know where to start, or to know how to fix something when it goes awry.

The thing that drives me is the relief my clients feel when they finally have the help and support they need from a technical standpoint. It is nearly impossible to run any kind of business without a web site, online tools, computers, and smartphones, etc. But who wants to spend time setting those things up and fixing them when they break? I do actually. I know my value when someone is able to give me their issues and turn their attention back to what they love doing, delivering value to THEIR clients.