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Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Online Security

Online security is all about password management, credit monitoring, and identity theft monitoring. First things first: freeze or lock those credit reports. Then, sign up for identity theft monitoring (including credit monitoring). And store your passwords securely. Let us help you identify your weak spots and show you how to improve your protection.

Device Security

Secure your cell phones, tablets, and computers. Start with antivirus, anti-malware, and a good VPN. Yes, even if you're on a mac. We can help you step up your security on your devices so you can surf the web with confidence.

Home Network Security

Modems and routers also need attention; whether your ISP set it up for you or you did it yourself. There are good practices for everyday users. Then there are more elaborate configurations for network connections that need to be more highly secured. We can help you determine what level of protection to shoot for and help you get there.

Other IoT Devices

Devices that have some connection to the internet also need to be assessed; a refrigerator, washing machines, lamps, etc. The manufacturer of these devices needs to provide some assurance that the device is secure. Some configuration changes may be needed. We can help identify where these vulnerabilities are.

Web Site Security

If you have a web site, it should have some kind of SSL security on it and should obey other standards like current backend CMS software, regular backups, etc. If your site needs it, we bring it up to current standards.

* Assessments require that we be on site. Our offices are in Charlotte, NC and we travel within 250 miles with a .55c per mile travel fee.


Home Network, and Up to 5 Devices

A home network assessment that includes up to 5 devices. Example: you have a computer, a cell phone, a tablet, and an Apple watch.


Home Network and 5-10 Devices

A home network assessment that includes from 5-10 devices. Example: your household has a mac, a PC, 2 cell phones, 2 tablets.


Other Assessments

If you need an assessment and have more than 10 devices, reach out to us and we'll put together a quote based on how many standard devices you have, how many non-standard IoT devices, and whether you have a web site.

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